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Due to the high number and cost of interruptions at work, several approaches have been suggested to reduce this cost for knowledge workers.
CHI, 2017.

Recent Publications

Reducing Interruptions at Work: A Large-Scale Field Study of FlowLight

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What information about code snippets is available in different software-related documents? an exploratory study

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A Field Study on Fostering Structural Navigation with Prodet

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Towards recognizing and rewarding efficient developer work patterns

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Automating adaptive maintenance changes with SrcML and LINQ

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Scaling up automated test generation: Automatically generating maintainable regression unit tests for programs

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Using virtual machines for collaborative research

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Exploiting user feedback to facilitate observation-based testing

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Corroborating User Assessments of Software Behavior to Facilitate Operational Testing

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Dex: A semantic-graph differencing tool for studying changes in large code bases

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Team Metrics for Agile Software Development

Oct 11, 2017, Qlik User Group



Fast and scalable multi-language source code analysis engine